Creative, vibrant and professional. These three words would suffice to describe Dirty Negative Films. But let us elaborate, because boasting without any evidence of your greatness cannot be taken seriously.

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Wolf Alice – “Fluffy” (official Video)

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"The video is about boredom, misspent youth and a neutered cat, O yeah! and how Wolf Alice came together" Fabio Youniss


Director, Producer:Fabio Youniss
DOP:Oliver Cross
Editor:Rami Youniss

Who are Dirty Negative?

Fabio R Youniss
Fabio R Youniss

I have been working in film for over 10 years. I set up my own production company, Dirty Negative, here I have created AV content for global brands (Amazon, Virgin, huawei). I have also had success with my shortfilms as a scriptwriter and director, the highlight being my award at Iris Film Festival (Best UK Short 2012). I have made many music videos which have had commercial success gaining almost a million views on youtube. In my current day job I create video content for the a leading national newspaper. I approach every job with pride and am always looking to create fresh and bold work that will stand the test of time. Please use the link above to see examples of my work.

Rami Youniss
Rami Youniss

I'm a passionate film maker that graduated from Ravensbourne College of design and Communication, I have a degree in broadcasting and digital technology. My first documentary out of university (Colourful People) won several awards on the festival circuit, after which I started making short films, promos and music video's and formed the company Dirty Negative Films with my brother, I mostly work as a producer and editor on our projects and strive for the best in all our work.