Shinies – Waves (Official Video)

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Taken from the debut SHINIES album "Nothing Like Something Happens Anywhere" releases 02.02.2015

"I took my inspiration from the early work of David Lynch. I wanted to play around with the space between the real and the surreal; humour and horror; light and dark. After recently becoming a father for the first time my film-making took a back seat. So when SHINIES approached me with WAVES, I had the idea of somehow bringing both worlds together. My girlfriend and her NCT friends agreed to be in the video after I told them their babies would become film stars! Strangely enough it was the babies who enjoyed the shoot the most out of everyone involved." Fabio R Youniss


Director:Fabio R Youniss
Editor:Rami Youniss
DOP:Oliver Cross
Producer:Fabio R Youniss